Sonoma Valley

Vivian & Yun
California, United States

This wedding in California was so beautiful, I really enjoyed to witnessed how two worlds merged into one and honored both of their traditions and customs. Vivian and Jun are Chinese – American and both are proud of their roots from China and their new life in the United States. That’s why they celebrated their Chinese wedding home, and did a more western world style of wedding in a beautiful vineyard in Napa Valley and the wine region.

We actually celebrated two weddings in one day and that was awesome! It all started with a big meal in a beautiful house between the hills of Sonoma Valley. I was in awe by how their families cooked this delicious Chinese meal for everyone, we all gathered in the kitchen and living room and enjoyed it. I’ve never tried Chinese food in this fashion and in such an authentic manner.

We later moved to a vineyard in Napa to celebrate a civil ceremony in top of a hill surrounded by vineyards and giant oak trees, it was all beautiful. We catch the sunset there and did amazing pictures full of joy, laughs and love. Vivian and Jun vibrate with their surroundings and enjoyed every minute of it.

The diner party was inside of the wine cellar, it was absolutely beautiful. I loved the setting, just one table, all together united in love and happiness.