Hotel Rosewood

Karla & Arturo
San Miguel de Allende
San Miguel de Allende is just the perfect place to throw a wedding and the perfect place to practically do anything for that matter. This wedding was beautiful in every aspect, particularly in its people, their vibe and energy.
The wedding was created, designed and produced by Peter De Anda in the beautiful Rosewood Hotel. The place mixes colonial architecture, mexican culture and vibrant colors, with a sense of ultimate luxury and comfort.
This wedding had a beautifully organized secuence of events. The bride left to church on a carriege with her dad and was greeted in the whole town. Every corner was full of live and energy, outside the church a calenda was held to greet the newly married.

For me was such an honor to be there, be part of it and documented everything. I wish I could relive once more this day, like many more to truly appreciate every moment that really pass so quickly.