Casa Cornacchi

Camila & Roberto
Tuscany, Italy

I started this trip in Paris in the middle of summer, I went there to visit some friends and did a couple of shoots in France. I then headed down to Italy to shoot this wedding in the middle of Tuscany, just a few miles south of Siena in “Casa Cornacchi”, an unbelievable villa surrounded of vineyards and blue skies. I could have never imagine what this place had to offer, it’ s everything I ever though about Tuscany and more.

Camila and Roberto are from Brazil and decided to get married in Italy in an intimate wedding, small wedding, close friends and family, only the people who truly mattered. The first night they threw a pizza diner party and it was absolutely delicious, the pizzaiolo cooked me a special focaccia while taking pictures of him and pour me a glass of chianti wine, all this while the sun was setting in the horizon.
The next day the men relaxed at the pool while the girls started early on getting ready for the wedding ahead, there was this relaxed and cool vibe all around. Casa Cornacchi gave this energy and spread it to everyone, it kinda felt we were in our own home for the weekend. The wedding ceremony was truly emotional and lovely, so simple it felt glorious and the joy in everyone’s faces was inevitable. Once the party started it was the climax of a day full of love and happiness.

I remember fondly these days, shared with amazing people with beautiful souls. I’m so thankful for having the fortune to be there, to have documented this wedding and for the experience.

Italy was a dream, everything was beyond what I expected. I know I’ll be back soon to shoot more weddings there and relived everything I experienced from this trip.